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The word game to break up any group of friends
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1) Each player takes turns flipping a tile in the pot.

2) When you can make a word with letters in the pot, snatch it! The word must be 4 letters or more.

3) You can steal other people's words to make longer words by adding letters from the pot. You must use all the letters of a word you are trying to steal (max word length is 15 letters in this game).

-You cannot simply add a suffix or append to the end of the word. You cannot make "tears" from "tear", or "meant" from "mean".

-The new word can end with the stolen word, but you cannot just prepend re- or un- to steal a word: you cannot make 'resize' from 'size'. Etymology is currently not considered for word validity.

4) Your points are the sum of lengths of words you have.

-However, you lose half a point every time you try to snatch or steal a non-English word.

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